Concentration and other things I don’t have

It’s getting closer to 3pm and for me, it means what I call “The Dip”. It’s that time fo the day where your concentration and willpower is on the verge of becoming depleted. When I hear the word “dip” I imagine a graph with a line that goes just a little bit down before plateauing towards the right.

Except in my case, not always, but some days, it looks more like the Grand Canyon.

It’s hard to fight these canyon moments, especially since I’ve quit coffee a few months ago. Not that coffee helped. It just made me fidgety.

Another thing I can’t seem to stand these days is routine.

There are times in my life where I want to be one of those people who feel like having a change and goes on to totally redo their apartments, get a new haircut AND a hair color, adopt a few new routines and become a master in Asian cooking.

But I don’t do that. I will get bored of redecorating while I am moving my sofa. I love my hair natural hair color, and as much as I want to kick ass in Asian cooking, the Asian markets in my city are just too far away to be bothered to visit.

So, I guess it’s laziness.


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