The two ingredients of success

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about success. I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey a lot (again) as well as binging on other types of content to keep my pumped to achieve my goals. What I’ve come to realize is no revolutionary idea. It’s something everybody knows.

In order to succeed in something, you need consistency over a long period of time and the right tools. 

That is it. If you want to save money, you need to be putting away some every month. You also need to learn about investing that money so it can work for you instead of declining in value in a standard bank account. For that, you need some tools, like books, podcasts, and courses, that can teach you how the market works.

If you don’t have access to those tools or don’t know they exist in the first place, your chances of success are significantly smaller. Sure, you can be smart and figure it on your own, but it will take longer time than necessary. For me, knowing what I know now (aka in the recent weeks) about money give me much more confidence that I will make it because the tools provide a roadmap.

The tools alone don’t matter. You have to choose to use them.

And you have to do it every day for a longer time than you are comfortable with.

That’s it. I don’t have any speech that will tell you how I overcame laziness and reached my goals. I’m still a lazy person who would rather sit around and dream about the results (at least so far in life). But I feel like that realization helped me understand that my successes and failures are my to earn. Whether I succeed or fail is up to me, and that is a very liberating feeling.

Until next time.
– M



Week 0: looking devil in the eye

This has been a tough week. The truth is, I am in debt and I have no money. I am in my first year of my freelance writing business but I have little to show for because I have been lazy.

I have been afraid of hard work, scared to not have a work-life balance to a point where I was taking too many breaks and not doing enough work. Meanwhile, my wonderful boyfriend has been supporting me by paying our rent and pretty much every time we went out to eat. That has brought on an extreme amount of shame because I am letting him down.

So, this week, as I was binging on Dave Ramsey’s videos about getting out of debt, I set up a downpayment plan for all my debt. What starred back at me from the Google Sheet was shocking. In my head, somewhere in the region of “Hopeless dreams”, I thought that I would achieve financial freedom, and be able to take care of my family’s finances as well.

Spoiler: I was a big fool.

I had months ahead of me paying down a credit card loan and decades of student loan payments. Achieving financial freedom is almost as realistic as meeting a unicorn. In addition, I was doing nothing to increase my income, grow my freelance business, and proactively get out of debt.

I realized that my dreams of financial freedom were never going to come true if I didn’t start being intentional about my financial life.

This brings me here, to this blog. Since I have zero internal motivation, this blog is now my accountability partner. It’s a place where I will have to report my progress about my freelance business, passive income journey, debt payments, and other things that I discover as time passes.

I’m going to be honest. This. Is. Freaking. Scary. I’m not the kind of person who talks about her problems. I bottle everything up and try (and fail) to solve it on my own. But writing this blog will force me to do the exact opposite.

I can’t say I look forward to all of it.
Until next week.

– M